Serving vinyl to & from Los Angeles...since 1977.
New picture looking old.  JDC RECORDS 447 W. 6th St., San Pedro CA, 90731

Founded in 1977, JDC Records is a vinyl distributor, record store and label.  It was an instrumental label for west coast dance music in the late 70's and 80's, as well as one of the premier independent vinyl distributors of the time, distributing to a wide network of stores, dj’s, and music enthusiasts worldwide.  


JDC Records was founded by Jim and Dale (Dacie) Callon, and the name is derived from their initials.  Musician, engineer, business man, and cool cat, Jim, and his wife, started JDC by selling vinyl out of the back of their car at swap meets and local record stores.  Seeing a need, and the popularity for the dance music of the time on vinyl, JDC began licensing music, pressing it and distributing it.  It became an instrumental label for a plethora of electro,disco, italo disco, freestyle, hi-energy, bass music, and hip hop hits of the late 70’s and 80’s. 


JDC has also operated a retail record store at various times for over 40 years in San Pedro and Hermosa Beach. The first JDC Records affiliated store was called “Dance Music Forever”, and was located on Pacific Avenue in San Pedro. JDC Record Store has since returned to downtown historic San Pedro and operates a super cool store.    


Boss man Jim Callon began his career in music in the 1960’s as the lead guitarist and front man of the Glassfamily Electric Band GFEB played with the Doors, Janis Joplin, and opened for the Grateful Dead at the Fillmore. It’s self-titled album originally released on Warner Bros. is available on vinyl from JDC.  Jim later went on to become the sound engineer for Parliament Funkadelic and was instrumental in recording and mixing their seminal albums. The Glass Family had a reincarnation in the 1970’s as a disco band and produced successful hits like “Mr Dj You Know How To Make Me Dance” and “Crazy”.  “Smoke Your Toubles Away was reportedly a Larry Levan favorite at the Paradise Garage. Jim still plays with the original keyboardist, David Capilouto, in the Glass Family Electric Band. They can be seen performing around Los Angeles.